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JELLA unisex harem pants pattern, sizes S – XL / 15% discount “spring15”

Trendy and cool HAREM PANTS!! Our JELLA pattern.

Among the alternatives to skinny jeans (such as wide-leg pants and boyfriend jeans), harem pants are consistent bestsellers in both the menswear and women’s categories.

Usually considered loungewear, harem pants are now worn by many pop stars and celebs around the world, and have become some of the coolest fashion pieces.

With a baggy silhouette at the hips and upper thighs and tapering at the calves, these pants are in fact gifted with many advantages:

  • They mix well with almost everything in your closet.
  • You can wear them low at the hips, at the waist or even higher, and the cuffs don’t necessarily need to hit the ankles.
  • Most harem pants are designed with either a drawcord or an elasticized waist, which allows for a lot of room in the size department.
  • Most harem pants are unisex in design and great as couple wear, which means a more flexible wardrobe!
  • Just wearing them immediately makes you look very trendy!

Who should wear them?

Shorter guys, girls with wide hips, or athletic types with muscular thighs will find them especially flattering because of the roomy fit. Actually, harem pants fit most body shapes which make them a most forgiving and fashionable garment.

You can wear harem pants for all occasions!

To work, to the beach or even to dance class. Depending on the fabric you have chosen, your pants will have a very versatile look.

And do you know what? Good news! They are very easy to sew! Beginners you will be proud of yourself! Start off with cotton jersey and experience stitchers: how about viscous jersey?

What are you waiting for? Find our JELLA pattern in 3 sizes:

Enjoy sewing!
Your Zierstoff Team

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