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Included with purchase

Our patterns are delivered as a ZIP file containing several PDFs. Each product's files may vary slightly, but most include:

  • A Test Print document to help you print your pattern in the proper scale;
  • A PDF with step-by-step instructions for sewing your project;
  • An “Overview”, which is a snapshot of all the pattern pieces;
  • The pattern pieces, in three paper size formats: A4 for our European customers, US Letter for our North American customers, and A0 copy shop format.

For especially simple projects like scarves, the ZIP file might contain only a PDF of instructions. Each product's page in the shop describes exactly what is included with that particular purchase.

Downloading your purchase

At the end of the checkout process, a download link will appear on your order confirmation page. You can immediately download your pattern. Save the file to your computer for quick, offline access in the future. Your purchased patterns will also be automatically saved in your account and a link will be emailed to you. Note that most mobile devices do not come with software to download ZIPs and PDFs, so you may want to wait until you are on a laptop or desktop to download the ZIP.

Opening ZIP files

A ZIP file is a folder that contains several files. Double click on the ZIP folder to begin "unzipping" the folder. Once this short process has run, you will see a new folder containing your pattern files.

Creating an account

When you register on our site, you will have a personal account where you can always return to download your past purchases. If we make any updates to the pattern and/or instructions, the latest version will be there.


We accept payment through PayPal or debit and credit cards.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive for perfection in our drafting and instructions. If you encounter an issue with a pattern, please contact us: hello@brilliantpatterns.com. We will do our best to help you successfully finish your project, and will refund the product cost when necessary.


We do not currently offer licensing of our patterns.

Group Projects

We are happy to provide a group discount code for your sewalong, sewing guild project, or sewing class! Please contact hello@brilliantpatterns.com for more information and include your shop/workshop website address in your email.

Beginners welcome!

All of our shop's pattern pages list the required skill level. You will find that many of them are beginner-friendly. We picture every step of the project within the instructions, and very many of our projects also include complimentary sewing video tutorials. When applicable, videos are posted just below the photos on the pattern's page. Watch the free video for your chosen project and confirm that it's the right one for you - we give you the confidence to give it a go! Subscribe to our YouTube channel Brilliant Sewing Patterns.

Fabric Consumption

Our patterns' fabric requirement measurements are based on 140cm (55") bolts for jersey projects. If your chosen fabric comes on a 44-45" bolt, use the chart below to find the equivalent measurement. Note: I meter equals 1.09 yards or 40 inches.

Fabric width:
115 cm (44-45″) bolt 140 cm (55″) bolt
130 cm (51″) 100 cm (39″)
150 cm (59″) 120 cm (47″)
160 cm (63″) 130 cm (51″)
200 cm (79″) 150 cm (59″)
210 cm (83″) 160 cm (63″)
230 cm (91″) 180 cm (71″)
260 cm (102″) 190 cm (75″)
270 cm (106″) 210 cm (83″)
290 cm (114″) 220 cm (87″)
310 cm (122″) 240 cm (95″)
340 cm (134″) 260 cm (102″)
360 cm (142″) 270 cm (106″)

Seam allowances

All of our patterns include a 1 cm (3/8“) seam allowance - no need to add it.

Printing our patterns


Open the Test Print PDF file that corresponds to your printer´s paper size (US or A4), and check the following Page Settings before printing:

  • “Actual Size” or “100%” with page scaling turned off, ensuring that “Fit to Size” is not selected;
  • Adjust the pages to “automatic portrait and landscape”, and you are ready to print;
  • Now lay the 4 pages butted together at the edges, and in the order indicated at the bottom left of each sheet. You will see that each page lists its Row and Column position;
  • In the middle, you will see a test square, please measure it to confirm that it is 10x10cm (4×4″);
  • Once you have confirmed that your settings are correct, you are ready to print the pattern.

Tips: Ensure your paper is aligned in the printer. Also, it is easier to cut out your pattern if you have printed it in color, as each size is lined in different colors. If you choose to print black and white, please carefully compare your pieces with the pattern "Overview.PDF." Finally, in the case that you do not already have a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.

The pages of the pattern are printed pre-sorted by the columns and rows. Each page has a column and row number showing you how to tape the pattern together. Again, you will butt the pages against each other, without overlapping them. Once they are taped, you are ready to cut your chosen size!

Printing A0 copy shop files

If you would like to avoid taping together pages, you can use the "A0 copy shop" format pattern files that are included with your purchase. The document size of this format is 46.8 x 33.1 inches. There are many online shops that offer large format PDF printing and are often much cheaper than local big box stores like Staples.