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Printing Patterns

Downloading your purchase

After purchasing our patterns, a download link will appear on your order confirmation page. The download is delivered as a ZIP file, for you to save locally on your computer. Please note that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are not supported; downloading must be performed via a computer. Once you have downloaded and opened your ZIP file, you will find several PDFs:

  • Test Print – Please see the Printing section below for more info;
  • A PDF with step-by-step instructions for sewing your project;
  • An “Overview”, which is a snapshot of all the pattern pieces;
  • The pattern pieces, in two paper size formats: A4 for our European customers, and US Letter for our North American customers. Simply print the PDF for the paper size you normally use and ignore the other one;
  • (For adult sizes) a size table to help you chose which pattern size is right for your project. European and International sizes are included.

Printing digital sewing patterns

Open the Test Print PDF corresponding to your printer's paper size (US or A4), and check the following Page Settings before printing:

  • “Actual Size” or “100%” with page scaling turned off, ensuring that “Fit to Size” is *not* selected;
  • “Automatic portrait and landscape”, will make sure your pattern will print in the correct orientation. Now you are ready to print!
  • Lay the 4 pages butted together at the edges (not overlapping), and in the order indicated at the bottom left of each sheet. You will see that each page lists its Row and Column position;
  • In the middle, you will see a test square, please measure it to confirm that it is 10 x 10 cm;
  • Once you have confirmed that your settings are correct, you are ready to print the pattern.

Tips: Ensure your paper is aligned in the printer. We recommend to print your pattern in color, but if you choose to print black and white, you can compare your pieces with the Overview document that was included with your purchase. Finally, in the case that you do not already have a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.