Elias envelope neckline shirt PDF sewing pattern

Sew an envelope neckline shirt

Elias envelope neckline shirt PDF sewing pattern

Our ELIAS pattern is a fitted shirt that features an envelope neckline, a waist band, and includes options for short sleeves, long sleeves with a cuff, or layered short and long sleeves. The waist band and the cuffs of the long sleeves option can be sewn in jersey or knitted rib fabric.

Skill Level: Beginners and up

Recommended Fabric: Stretchy jersey fabrics

Provided with your purchase:

  • A Test Print document to help you ensure that you will print your pattern in the proper scale;
  • An “eBook”, with step-by-step instructions for sewing your project;
  • An “Overview”, which is a snapshot of all the pattern pieces; • The pattern pieces, in two paper size formats: A4 for our European customers, and US Letter for our North American customers. Simply print the PDF for the paper size you normally use;

This pattern includes 8 printable individual sizes: 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98 and 104 (6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo, 2yr, 3yr, 4/5yr).

Required material based on a 1,40 meter (55″) bolt: for a shirt with long sleeves and cuffs:

Size Material required:
cm inches
62 (6mo) 50,0 19 5/8 ''
68 (9mo) 52,0 20 1/2 ''
74 (12mo) 54,0 21 1/4 ''
80 (18mo) 56,0 22     ''
86 (24mo) 58,0 22 7/8 ''
92 (2yr) 60,0 23 5/8 ''
98 (3yr) 62,0 24 3/8 ''
104 (4-5yr) 64,0 25 1/4 ''

Required knitted rib: 25 cm (10")

(Required material for a dress: please add 15 cm (6") of fabric in case you would like to sew the dress.)

For personal use only, all rights reserved. To sell finished products made using our patterns, contact us for licensing terms.

Sew an envelope neckline shirt