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Lieselotte merry-go-round dress PDF sewing pattern

Lieselotte merry-go-round dress PDF sewing pattern

European: 110-152 International: 5-12yr 6 mo-4/5 yr

LIESELOTTE is worn wrapped around the child, overlapping at the back, and tied at each shoulder. It is a fantastic choice for beginning sewists and up as it is very easy to sew and requires no special tools or advanced techniques. LIESELOTTE can be worn as a dress, and later as a tunic, as the child grows.

Skill Level: Beginners and up

Recommended Fabric: Cotton lawn

Seam Allowance: The pattern includes 1cm (3/8") seam allowance

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This pattern includes 8 printable individual sizes:

EU: 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146 and 152

International: 5yr, 5/6yr, 6yr, 7/8yr, 8yr, 9/10yr, 10yr, 12yr.

Required material based on a 1,40 meter (55″) bolt:

Sizes: Material consumption in cm / inches
110 & 116 (5yr & 6yr) 95 cm / 37 3/8"
122 & 128 (6yr & 7yr) 105 cm / 41 3/8"
134 & 140 (8yr & 9yr) 115 cm / 45 1/4"
146 & 152 (10yr & 12yr) 125 cm / 49 1/4"

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