LILLITHs patchwork blanket / playpen blanket

Lillith crib patchwork blanket Ebook

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Would you like to sew a beautiful patchwork quilt blanket? Do you have fabric leftovers and would like to process them? The LILLITH blanket pattern Sewing a patchwork blanket gives you the chance to be creative and unique in your design and makes a wonderful gift.

Provided with your order:

Detailed and illustrated sewing instructions containing all required measurements.

Recommended fabric: Quilting cotton or flannel

Seam Allowance: The pattern includes 1cm (3/8") seam allowance

Material required:

- For all 9 squares: 22x22 cm (8 5/8x8 5/8”).
We have used three different fabrics for our pictured example. Hence the consumption per fabric (colour) is 25 cm (9 7/8”).
- Side borders: 22x62 cm (8 5/8x24 3/8”) long = fabric consumption using one fabric is 25 cm (9 7/8”).
- Top and bottom borders: 22x102cm (8 5/8x40 1/8”) long = fabric consumption using one fabric is 50 cm (19 5/8”).
- Backside of the blanket: 102x102cm (40 1/8x40 1/8”)
- Fusible fleece: 100x100 cm (39 3/8x39 3/8”).

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